Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Solving the always-running-out-of-conditioner-before-shampoo problem

My friend was so excited the other day at lunch when we started venting about how annoying it is to always run out of your conditioner and still have a bunch of the shampoo that goes with it.  Her hairdresser had told her how to wash her hair so that it didn't happen anymore.  I've been trying it and have had some success and I like washing my hair this way, so I decided I would share.  :)

  • Before you put shampoo in your hair you really need to get it soaking wet, saturated with water, then lather in your shampoo to all of your hair (I don't follow this perfectly, I still mainly shampoo my scalp)
  • Rinse and wring your hair out so that it is just damp before you work your conditioner in
  • Work your conditioner in from scalp to ends and let it sit while you shave, wash your body, etc.
  • Rinse just before you get out of the shower or tub

So now you won't have 20 million some odd leftover shampoo bottles in your shower like me.  :)

Three bottles of leftover shampoo from before I started this method.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. This was a great tip! I usually apply conditioner to my soaking wet hair. Then I get frustrated when I run out of conditioner and there is half a bottle of shampoo left... I am definitely going to try wringing out my hair before using conditioner!

    1. Yeah! I think it helps the conditioner penetrate and work better too!

      Thanks commenting! I hope it works for you!