Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mascara Review: CK one mascara by Calvin Klein

four out of five stars

I received this for free for my birthday through the Ulta rewards program.
Best uses:  amazing everyday lashes, going out and more dramatic looks as well.
What I love:  This mascara is very buildable and very black.  It makes my eyelashes look very thick and shiny and black and long.
What I don't love:  It is very hard to remove, even with my favorite eye makeup remover (Pond's cold cream and a wet wash cloth).  It flakes after about 14 hours of wear (which for most of us this doesn't matter).  I don't love this type of brush.
How I use it:  I have my Maybelline Define-a-lash tube out and ready on the counter, then I start applying this and building it up.  With the really short silicone bristles it takes a bit of work to get it applied.  Once I finish with the top lashes of one eye, I hit the bottom lashes pretty quickly, then I grab my define a lash brush and pull it through my upper lashes to help them curl and hold the curl better.
Another great way to get the curl to stay is to hit your eye lash curler for a few seconds with the blow dryer, run your finger along it to check the temp and then curl the base of your lashes with it and slowly do a few pumps up your lashes to.  But I'm lazy and using that other brush works well and is easier for me :)
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