Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Few of my Favorite D.I.Y. Beauty Treatments

I love D.I.Y. concoctions!  Even when I was little, if the babysitter was foolish enough to let me, I would make some pretty crazy stuff.  FYI: garlic powder, kool-aid, salt, pepper, brown sugar, popcorn seasoning, etc. are a lot better when they are not all mixed :)

Now that I am older and a little wiser ;) I can actually whip up some pretty sweet and useful stuff.  Most of these are ideas or recipes I found online.  The Crisco and sugar lip scrub was my own invention and was pretty effective and quite tasty.

Acne Clearing Mask: 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, approximately 5 tsp honey, mix into a paste and apply to your face.  Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, much longer and it may start to irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin I would test this on a small amount of skin before slathering all over your face.  You can do just honey and it is helpful by itself.

Soothing Body/Face Scrub: about 3/4 Cup of brown sugar, about 1/4 cup melted coconut oil, about 1/3 Cup olive oil, (you want about a 2 parts sugar to 1 part total oil ratio).  Mix together in bowl with spoon or hands and apply to body, gently massage in circular motions.  I love how this smells!  To do it as a facial scrub keep the same ratio but make just enough for a handful.

Smoothing Lip Scrub:  approximately 2 tsp sugar, approximately 1 tsp Crisco or olive oil. Mix into a paste, apply to lips, gently massage in circles, wash (or lick) off.

Facial Scrub for Dry Skin: spoonful of plain yogurt, two spoonfuls of sugar, mix together and apply to face, massage lightly in circles.  The lactic acid helps moisturize and exfoliate along with the sugar.

Eye Makeup Remover: apply oil or vaseline to your eye makeup and eye lashes, let sit for a minute or two, gently remove with a warm, moist cloth.

Anti-Cellulite Scrub: approximately 1 Cup coffee grounds, half Cup of olive oil or coconut oil, mix together, gently massage in circles to thighs, butt, and or tummy.  This is a temporary cellulite shrinker due to the caffeine in the coffee grounds.

Deep Conditioning Hot Oil Hair Treatment:  approximately 1/4 cup each of olive oil and coconut oil, heat in microwave on low setting or on stove top on low until coconut oil is melted and mixture is warm, apply to hair in sections, concentrate on ends, when finished applying, massage scalp, cover with saran wrap, blow dry for about five minutes on low to help mixture penetrate hair.  Wash out with shampoo and warm water.  More details for application and washing out here, slightly different due to different ingredients but basically the same.

Thanks for reading!  Do you have a favorite D.I.Y. treatment?

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