Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Finds!!

I have been finding some serious online deals lately!!  I had to share some of my favorites with you!  

Have you pinned that gorgeous coat on Pinterest?  I have totally had it on my clothing board for about 2 years now and I found it on Rosegal for $34.35 plus free shipping.  Holy cow!  I also found these gorgeous earrings on their site for $1.47.  How gorgeous are they!?  

The third find is from Ruby Wing nail polish.  Ruby Wing polishes change color in the sun.  They are all a demure shade indoors and then deepen into a more dramatic hue in the sun (example below).  These babies are gorgeous!  This mini set called "Cupcakes and Champagne" is only $12.95 for four scented, color changing polishes.

So I couldn't fit all of my favorites into one collage, so here are a few more amazing polishes and clothes.

These three are also from Rosegal.  The two sweaters are more practical for me, because their clothing is in Asian sizes and I am sure that the beautiful Maxi dress would not be long enough on me.  The chevron sweater is $8.48, the polka dot sweater is $8.03, the maxi dress is $16.17 and they all have free shipping!!

These babies are from Color Club, the older sister of Ruby Wing.  My favorite polishes from Color Club are their duochrome or holographic nail polishes.  They are so beautiful!  I have Port-Folio and I absolutely love it and get so many compliments on it.  It is super hard to capture its glory in photographs, but this lady did!  These three polishes are from their "halo hues" collection.  They are each $10, but they are buy one get one half off and I don't think a more gorgeous polish exists. Seriously.

Happy browsing and thanks for reading!  I hope you had an amazing week!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lace and damask and bling. Oh my!

I got my clothes from last week!  My $3.35 order full of gently used wonderful goodness is now happily hanging in my closet (read my shopping how-to here).  
It was super fun to get dressed for work today with so many choices.  My only problem was matching an outfit together...You know when you're little and you have so many favorite treats and you think that they should all go great together but they don't?  That's what I was afraid was going to happen getting dressed this morning.  
I did end up with a lot going on in my outfit, but I loved it.  With so much going on I am just hoping it didn't look like I let a little kid dress me :) 
My grey sweater shirt is from INC International Concepts via Like Twice ($.56) similar here, peach lace skirt from Down East Basic (gift) similar here, damask tights from JCPenney similar here, shoes are Alfani via Runway Fashion Exchange $8 similar here.
Thanks so much for reading!  
Would you wear so much texture in one outfit?  Please share any getting dressed guidelines you have in the comments below :)  (My main one is not to wear a loose top with a loose bottom, it just looks sloppy to me.)
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Gift Guide 2014 for the Beauty Obsessed

I love all of the beauty gift sets that come out around this time of year!  There are so many affordable options for sampling high cost brands.  I found a few that really intrigued me, and that had high reviews, to put together this post.

Two years ago I bought a benefit gift set at a great price and I was so excited about it.  I actually ended up hating all of the products, but I was so glad that I was able to try them at well below full price.  After that experience I have started looking at reviews closer and trying to find products that will work for me.

All of the products above had high reviews :)

1. Too Faced Bronzer Wardrobe Collection $22 Sephora
This set comes with four bronzer shades, including two of Too Faced's famous chocolate bronzers and a brush for applying.  It has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the most common complaint is that the packaging is cardboard.  I don't really care what it's in as long as it is amazing :)

2.  Benefit The Real Steal $24 Ulta
The Real Steal features the cult favorites They're Real mascara and Push Up liner and They're Real remover, the liner has an amazing applicator for precise liner.  The set is rated 4 out of 5 stars on

3.  Caviar Stone Bracelet $14 Vanity
I know this isn't technically a beauty item, but I wanted to include some pretty jewelry too.  This bracelet is from and I think it is stunning.

4.  EOS. A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Rachel Roy $6 Ulta
I can't get over this price for 3 EOS balms!  The trendy balm's moisturizing properties are up for debate in the review section, but they still earned a 4.5 out of 5 rating.  At this price it would be a great way to try them.

5.  Sephora Favorites Spray of Sunshine Fragrance Sampler For Her $24 Sephora
I read about what a great deal these samplers were over and over again last holiday season.  The set includes samples of multiple high end fragrances.  You use the samples and determine which is your favorite, you then turn in a card that is in the sampler for a rollerball of your chosen fragrance.  The reviews were favorable with the exception that you can only get the rollerball at a Sephora store that is not in JCP.

6.  Tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights Amazonian Clay Collector's Shadow Palette $24 Sephora
The colors in this palette are so gorgeous!  They apply as more of a sheer shade and are not as dramatic as they appear in the palette.  The palette itself is gorgeous and contains full size shadows.

7.  Gem Stone Head Wrap $9 Vanity
This wrap has some nice chunky stones that would be gorgeous for any dressy look.

8.  Sexy Hair Voluptuous Volume $16 Ulta
Pump up the volume in your hair with Spray and Play hairspray and Root Pump Plus, this kit has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating with two rave reviews.

9.  Beaded Dream Catcher Earrings $7 Forever21
These are the most gorgeous earrings in my book!  They have beautiful details and are perfect mini dream catchers.  There are a lot of other pretty jewelry options on F21's site.

10.  Sephora Collection Bronzed and Blushing Face Palette $15
A large mirror and three decent sized powders come in this kit.  The blushes and bronzers are super pigmented and a little goes a long way.  This set has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on

11.  NYX Butter Lip Gloss Sugar Rush Set $10 Ulta
These lip glosses are very hydrating and non-sticky and come in three yummy flavors.  This set has a 5 out of 5 star rating on Ulta and the Butter Lip Glosses have a 4.5 rating.

12.  BareMinerals Beauty Obsessed $25 Ulta
This kit comes with trial sized eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and blush duo, and lipgloss.  The set has a 4.5 out of 5 star average rating on

13.  Faux Crystal and Feather Pendant Necklace $5 Forever 21
I really like the look of these stacked single pendant necklaces that is trendy right now.  I also love the boho feel of the crystal and the feather on this one.

14.  Lorac Party Eyeshadow Palette $24 Ulta
This palette is so pretty!  The shades are super pigmented and shimmery.  Perfect for a party!  It is brand, spankin' new so there are no reviews on Ulta, but searching online I found a rave review and it was enough to convince me to keep it in this guide.

Do you have a beauty wish list this holiday season?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Monday, December 8, 2014 You have to try this!!

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she had found a site where she had bought almost $100 worth of gently used namebrand clothing for less than $20 online.  They have designer purses, wallets, shoes, and clothing.  Guess what?!  

It is real and amazing and I just bought $380 worth of clothes for $3 and change!!

Wanna see what I got?

This silk blouse is from Banana Republic with an original price tag of $75.39.  I don't know how much I payed for it...If I divide $3.35 by 6 I get about 50 cents for each item.

This shirt is originally from Express with a price tag of $39.92, once again it set me back around 50 cents.

This sweater/shirt is from INC International Concepts originally sold for $65.45.

This vest is from Style&Co originally $37.40.

This grey sweater is Loft originally $53.90.

Last but not least, this Rugby by Ralph Lauren sweater is a $107.80 sweater originally.

Are you ready to do some amazing bargain shopping yourself now?  

Just let me tell you a few more things first and then I'll give you the link and instructions.  I had some trouble with my 50% off code, but I was able to call their customer service and they were very nice and fixed it for me.  I emailed first, but it took them a few hours and something that I really wanted was bought by someone else while I was waiting :(.  I will post a 15% off code below with the instructions, so if you have to go that route you can.

Okay, here is your link and instructions.  I would complete a step and then come back to this page, and read the next step and then complete it.

  1. Click on this link: sign up using your email address and create a password.  You will receive $10 credit.
  2. Use your android devices or apple devices to install your app
    1. Android device will give you 50% off your first purchase
    2. Apple devices will give you $10 credit up to 3 times ($30)
  3. Shop using categories or favorite brands.  (I did a combination of dream brands and searches for specific needed items to find my favorites. I would recommend filtering by size.)
  4. Checkout, your credits should already be there, if you have any trouble with your 50% off code you can call (888) 229 2883

There are also codes online for various discounts online.  Retail me not has quite a few including TRENDSETTER for 15% off.  If you watch your ads on Facebook, they will most likely show you a Twice ad for 50% (once you have been shopping Twice's site already) so before you purchase you should check for that.  I clicked on it and received a code for 25% off that I am going to save for my next purchase.

Twice is also doing a contest for up to $500 towards your wishlist.  So while you are shopping, make a killer wishlist and invite your friends to like it.  Every day the wishlist with the most likes will win their wishlist worth up to $500.

The link above is my referral link.  That is another amazing thing about Twice.  Once you have signed up and made your first purchase, you can refer others.  Every person who signs up and purchases using your link will get $10 off their order and you will get $10 off of yours too.

Happy Shopping!!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy, Flawless Skincare Routine

Ever since I started getting acne in jr. high, I have been obsessed with skincare.  I research things, I try everything, and sometimes I go a bit overboard.  I am lucky enough to have a Licensed Esthetician on my Perfectly Posh team.  She is super patient with us when we have questions and gives great advice! 

I have always wanted a regimen to take care of my face (wash, masks, scrubs, etc.) but have not been able to really figure it out on my own.  I either get too excited with my exfoliation and do it too many days, or else I don't do it enough, or I try to adjust my routine according to my skin, but as I decrease my exfoliation days or mask days, I end up forgetting to do that part altogether. So I asked her what would be a good schedule.  

Well here is what she said: Cleanse and Moisturize twice a day, Exfoliate 2-3 x's a week and Mask 1-2 x's a week for a more aggressive mask (clay or mud) or 2-4 x's a week for a gentle, moisturizing mask.  Listen to your skin, make sure you don't dry out your skin, dry skin=wrinkles.  If your skin starts to get dry, back off on the masks and hydrate for a few days. Also, exfoliation doesn't have to be scrubby there are chemical exfoliants too (alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids).  Masks will penetrate 50% more if you do an exfoliant first.  Ideally you'd cleanse 2x, exfoliate, mask, moisturize.

I then altered it just a teensy tiny bit to work for me.  So here's what I have been trying to do:

  • Cleanse and Moisturize in the morning (if your skin is dry/not oily, you don't have to wash in the morning, but you may still want to moisturize)
  • Cleanse and Moisturize every night
  • 2 x's a week (2 days apart from each other at least)
    • Cleanse x's 2, Exfoliate, Mask, Moisturize

I am using my Perfectly Posh Complexion Perfection cleanser, Moisturize 911 caffeine infused moisturizer, Shine Bright Like a Diamond microdermabrasion scrub with diamond dust, and the Stripper Detox Body Mud.

If you already have a cleanser and moisturizer that you love, you can buy Jojoba beads to add to your current cleanser to use it as an exfoliant 2 x's a week.  Hopefully you already have a cleanser and moisturizer that you like and you can add a scrub and a mask easily.

Thanks for reading!! I hope this is useful information :)
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Faves: Warren Miller Ski Movie and The Stripper

This week has been pretty fun and good. It is amazing that I can say that, because this week has also been very stressful and challenging. We are remodeling our new house and not making the progress that we want to on it. It seems we work on it a ton and make some progress and then we have a huge mess at the house we live in. It has been so stressful. Also this last week Jackson has not been sleeping well at all (he finally slept good last night!) and it is hard to be motivated to do anything when you feel like a zombie and you have a whiny (because he's exhausted too) little guy clinging to you. why was it a good week then? Because Steve and I finally went and did something relaxing and not house related, and I finally have devoted some time to something not house related. We went to the Warren Miller Ski Movie at Peery's Egyptian Theater in Ogden. That place is amazing! 

We went straight after I got off work, so I was in my "professional dress" clothes. Not good ski movie attire at all! I was afraid I would feel awkward around everyone in their fun beanies and sporty clothes, but there was such a fun atmosphere there and it was obvious that nobody cared what you were wearing. We got passes to Snowbird, Powder, and Steam Boat with our tickets too, so I'm super excited about that. 

The movie itself was awesome! If you love traveling, scenery, snow, mountains, the outdoors, or watching snow sports, I highly recommend you go see one of these movies. I loved it! I have never been skiing and have only been snowboarding a handful of times, but the movie was more than just skiing and snowboarding footage. There was awe inspiring footage, history, information about all of the areas they showed (Alaska; Japan; the Swiss, French and Italian Alps; Greece; Norway; Switzerland; and Vale Colorado), and some amazing skiers and snowboarders sharing laughs and their experiences with you. I really, really want to go to Greece now! The towns that they trekked through to get to Mount Olympus were set in beautiful mountains with so few people and architecture and bridges 1000's of years old.

If you're curious about The Stripper, she was making my life better on Monday and Thurday with a little mini spa night. You see, The Stripper is a face mask, a deep cleaning, detoxifying, purpley muddy face mask. My skin has been struggling a bit in the acne department the last few weeks, but after using The Stripper this week, it is so much better. Plus I feel much better after coating my face in mud that smells like vanilla and laying in bed for a few minutes.

Makeup wise I am absolutely loving my Under Wonder Primer with my Acne fighting foundation. I can fake glowing healthy skin with these two and my Maybelline Dream Lumi and some blush. It comes in handy when you've got a breakout and only a few hours of very interrupted sleep. I use the primer after my moisturizer, then the foundation, then the Lumi on my dark under eye shallows and then hit my cheeks with blush and apply just a bit of blush to my nose, above my brows and above my upper lip.  :)  Now that I have lighter, reddish blonde hair, I have been playing around with different lip and eyeshadow colors. So far I really love this Maybelline Coral Gleam lipstick I picked up a while ago.

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to make your jeans and boots get along!

Last fall and winter I had not a single pair of skinny jeans to my name.  But I had a beautiful pair of boots.  I stuffed my jeans into my boots every way imaginable with some success and a lot of failure.

This winter I have a few pairs of skinny jeans, (thank goodness!) but still a ton of regular boot cut or flare jeans that I would also like to wear.  Here's my tips on what worked and didn't work for me.

First, you want to choose jeans that have a moderate to minimal flare.  I have one pair that flares out quite a bit and I don't even care to try to make that not look like a bunchy mess under my boots.

Second, choose your method.  You can fold and cuff your jeans like the picture below (I, for the life of me cannot get this one figured out.) or you can take a big loose rubber band or an elastic headband wrapped twice (this is what I do) and cuff your jeans and then fold all of the excess over and rubber band it.  See photos below.  Either way, it is best to secure your jeans with a nice, long sock. 

I love these boot socks with the lace or knit that pops out the top.  Good luck!  If you can plan your outfits to wear your boots with your skinnies, that is so much easier and faster.  :)

Get these here
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

D.I.Y. Peplum Top

Jackson and I are going to go pick apples at our new house later today.  I was thinking about how I needed to take some pictures of him and then I realized today is the first day of the fall fashion challenge from Still Being Molly.  
Each day of October she has a theme to help inspire your outfit, today's theme is plaid.  At first I was just going to not participate today, because I don't really have many good plaid options and I already had a shirt on, but then I had this crazy idea to wear my hubby's plaid shirt (that I don't really like) over my tee as kind of a jacket.  
I threw it on and went to the mirror and was thinking it over, analyzing it, and I put my hands on my hips.  Suddenly the shirt had shape, it looked really good, it made me look like I had the perfect hourglass figure.  Light bulb!  I could use my old purple belt from the D.I. (thriftstore) to hold it that way.  

After looking all over through the house I found the belt and put it on a bit above my belly button and gently tugged at the bottom of the shirt until there weren't pleats in the front.  It made the bottom fan out and look amazing in the front and the back.  I love it!  What do you think?

Now it's your turn to rummage through the closet, find a dress shirt that's a bit too big for you and a belt and make your own.  It's easy and super flattering on all figures!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forever 21: 10% off and my picks

Forever 21 has super cheap clothes, and they have 10% off right now, and they have free shipping on purchases over $50.  Score!

Here's some of my favorites.

This kimono is gorgeous!  It is $19.80.

This peplum top is $24.80.
 I like the texture and flow of this blouse.  It is $22.80
I love the color, the cut and the fabric of this dress!  It is $27.80.
I love the texture of the knit! $22.80.  The red is especially amazing and eye catching, but the white looks so comfy.

How cute is this? Ruffles, navy and polka dots.  Pretty darn trendy and practical for fall and winter.  $9.80.

This cable knit is also amazing!  Lots of color choices, but the knit pattern is only on the front. $19.80.

Chiffon maxi dress for $22.80. It's a steal!

I love how the floral on this infinity scarf POPS!  $8.80.

       Rhinestoned Braided Chain Bracelet. This is so gorgeous!  It is only $6.80

 Eye lash lace top.  I love how bold the lace is in this top. $19.80.

Batwing, turtleneck top.  This has such a flowy, easy, comfy fit. $24.80.

Woven pintucked blouse.  This is only $15.80.  Great for work!

Textured peplum top.  I love the burgundy, the patterm amd the peplum.  It is just beautiful! $17.90.

Lace trimmed pencil skirt.  The lace on this is very pretty. $17.80.

Floral embroidered sweatshirt $22.80.

Rhinestone pendant gold/peach $4.80.

Textured knit cardigan $22.80.
Classic floral lace dress $27.80.  Also in black and cobalt.

Ribbon chain necklace $5.80.

Floral print fishnet tights $7.80.
Eyelash lace dress $27.80.

Rose print blouse $13.80.

Faux crystal pendant necklace $5.80.

Pleated Swiss dot top $12.80.  Also available in peach.

Lace pencil skirt $17.90.  Also available in light blue.

V-back lace peplum top.  $19.80.

Last but not least.  F21 has some very fancy, schmancy looking workout gear.

Heathered athletic tank $14.80.

Open-knit cardio tank $10.80.

Seamless athletic top $15.80.  It has thumbholes!  Also comes in a bunch of bright colors.

The code is email10.  I don't know when it expires, but I believe it is in the next day or two.  Happy shopping!

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