Monday, July 28, 2014

How to get a summer glow without the sun!

You will need:

A peachy/reddish blush (I use e.l.f. Baked blush in rich rose)
A bronzer that is not orangey (I use e.l.f. Baked bronze in St. Lucia)
A brush (I use my e.l.f. Kabuki for the blush and my e.l.f. Complexion brush for the bronzer)

After you have applied your concealer, foundation, etc. start applying the blush to the tops of your cheek bones. Suck in your cheeks and apply where it sticks out. Then take a bit and dab it above your brows, on the tip of your nose, and above your top lip. 

Next take your bronzer and apply it just below your blush and blend it with your blush. Apply bronzer to the top of your forehead along your hairline, along the sides of your nose, and along the sides of your neck.

Primer review: Perfectly Posh Under Wonder

I may have finally found "the one!" A primer that actually feels good, helps my makeup look better and last longer.

I almost didn't want to try this because I have not had a good track record with primers, see that post here. I have tried high and low end and have been disappointed to various degrees.

I now sell for this company so I didn't even want to try their primer, because I had finally decided I must expect too much out of primers, and I didn't want to be in the awkward position of selling something that I hated. My friend kept raving about how amazing it was though, and she gave me a free sample.

I am ordering this stuff this week! I liked it that much. Even though it is not nearly as cheap as my e.l.f. Primer, it actually does what it is supposed to do!!

It is smooth and silky like other primers, but it doesn't get so silky (and dry) so fast that you can't spread it. It also has more of a tacky/not completely dry effect when you start to put your foundation on on top of it. It really makes the foundation look so much better. You can tell as you are applying and finishing your foundation application. Then it lasts all day!

Best uses: every time you wear makeup!, amazing for acne prone or dry/uneven skin.

What I love: see above ^ also it smells good, a little goes a long ways and it feels whippy and good.

What I am on the fence about: it has shimmer/light glitter in it. It doesn't show through makeup, but some people like to wear primers alone.

Overall: I highly recommend this product! At $24 it is more pricey than I usually like my products, but there are ways to get it for cheaper or free (it is a party company with generous hostess perks).

Also since I have splurged on 3 high end primers in the past, I can tell you it is much cheaper than they are and it works so much better!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I'm cheating on my blog. Shh!

Don't tell my blog, but something new has stolen my attention. Something that gives me everything I wanted from my blog and more. I still love my blog and I want to keep it, but I have needs and desires that it is just not fulfilling.

When we began our relationship I had hopes to someday earn a little side income from my blog, get free products to review, get to network with others, and have an audience for my opinions on products. My blog and I have been working hard together for these things. We have enjoyed gaining a small audience. We have had great fun sharing our beauty triumphs and travails. 

Like I said, don't tell my blog. I'm sticking with it. I've just got a little somethin' somethin' on the side. ;)

I now get cheap to free products, some extra money each month, rewards and the chance to socialize a lot more with fun women interested in beauty and pampering. I was really scared to leap into this opportunity, but now that I have, I do not regret it.

I am now a consultant for a company that makes naturally based "pampering products" right here in the U.S. (They are actually based out of my home state). 

It is called Perfectly Posh. Their products really are changing my skin. I had decided that I was just doomed to have black heads, large pores, zits and dry skin on my face. I mean I had tried practically everything on the market.

Then I tried some samples from a skin actually felt different after I used the products. I researched their products and ingredients and I was very impressed. Glycolic acid, Shea butter, charcoal, kaolin clay, essential oils, beeswax, bananas, aloe, vitamin c, coffee grounds, just to name some of my favorite ones.

After a ton of consideration I signed up. I love my stuff! It really is pampering my skin and soul.

So I apologize for my spotty postings in July. Now you know my secret. I am back in the swing of things now and planning many great future posts. Posts where I am excited to be wearing less makeup and concealer. :)

Thanks so much for reading along and supporting me and my little blog!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Solving the always-running-out-of-conditioner-before-shampoo problem

My friend was so excited the other day at lunch when we started venting about how annoying it is to always run out of your conditioner and still have a bunch of the shampoo that goes with it.  Her hairdresser had told her how to wash her hair so that it didn't happen anymore.  I've been trying it and have had some success and I like washing my hair this way, so I decided I would share.  :)

  • Before you put shampoo in your hair you really need to get it soaking wet, saturated with water, then lather in your shampoo to all of your hair (I don't follow this perfectly, I still mainly shampoo my scalp)
  • Rinse and wring your hair out so that it is just damp before you work your conditioner in
  • Work your conditioner in from scalp to ends and let it sit while you shave, wash your body, etc.
  • Rinse just before you get out of the shower or tub

So now you won't have 20 million some odd leftover shampoo bottles in your shower like me.  :)

Three bottles of leftover shampoo from before I started this method.

Thanks for reading!!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Foundation Review: e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation

4  out of 5 stars
I have been testing this out off and on for about 4 months now.  Now that my face isn't such a bipolar mess of dryness and acne I can actually give it a fair review.

Best uses: medium coverage foundation great for everyday use and for special occasions.

This before and after is to show you the coverage.  The pictures were taken minutes apart in the same spot and I did not use any filters on either photo.

What I love: this foundation has a very thin, spreadable consistency, but it delivers great coverage.  This bottle will last a loong time. I got the shade porcelain and it is the closest match to my skin that I have found in quite a while. I also love how it does not irritate my skin at all, itch at all or feel heavy.

What I don't love: this can crease a bit or settle into lines. Also it did really weird things with my skin before I switched from my St. Ives moisturizer it would almost separate or have a really odd uneven finish.

I bought this for $3 on their half off sale and now I am really glad that I did :)

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eye Product Review: e.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen

three and a half out of five stars

I really, really wanted to love this.  It is supposed to be a super easy to use liquid liner that is jet black and stays put.

Best uses: everyday definition for your eyes.

What I like:  The pen is fairly easy to use, it's not messy and it stays put.  It gives a more precise look than kohl eyeliner.  It lasts all day, no matter how long my day is or if I rub my eyes.

What I don't like:  It takes longer than a kohl eyeliner and is not as easy.  It goes on jet black but dries a more translucent grey, this is really noticeable if you did a bold line.  It can be hard to get the line the same width on your eyes.  I tend to put more pressure on the pen when I apply on my left eye, even though I try not to.

How I use it:  I don't use this that often, when I do, I try for a thin line.  The thicker your line the more obvious the greying will be.  

line greying after a few minutes

Have damp q-tips handy before you start.  If you make a mistake you need to remove it very quickly before it dries.  It really is waterproof within seconds and if you have to use eye makeup remover to fix it, it will be harder to apply it without is bleeding or smudging.

Overall, I don't regret this purchase.  I paid $1 for this on the half off new and bestsellers sale at

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mascara Review: CK one mascara by Calvin Klein

four out of five stars

I received this for free for my birthday through the Ulta rewards program.
Best uses:  amazing everyday lashes, going out and more dramatic looks as well.
What I love:  This mascara is very buildable and very black.  It makes my eyelashes look very thick and shiny and black and long.
What I don't love:  It is very hard to remove, even with my favorite eye makeup remover (Pond's cold cream and a wet wash cloth).  It flakes after about 14 hours of wear (which for most of us this doesn't matter).  I don't love this type of brush.
How I use it:  I have my Maybelline Define-a-lash tube out and ready on the counter, then I start applying this and building it up.  With the really short silicone bristles it takes a bit of work to get it applied.  Once I finish with the top lashes of one eye, I hit the bottom lashes pretty quickly, then I grab my define a lash brush and pull it through my upper lashes to help them curl and hold the curl better.
Another great way to get the curl to stay is to hit your eye lash curler for a few seconds with the blow dryer, run your finger along it to check the temp and then curl the base of your lashes with it and slowly do a few pumps up your lashes to.  But I'm lazy and using that other brush works well and is easier for me :)
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Monday, July 14, 2014

My wishing to try list:

In the past I have spent a lot of time reading beauty blogs, looking at Pinterest and watching beauty gurus on Youtube.  These are some highly recommended bargain products that are on my list of things I really want to try.  They are all bargains, but if I bought everything that was a bargain it would not be good.

Loreal Voluminous carbon black mascara (approx $8)

  • Many makeup artists love this mascara
  • Separates, defines and adds volume

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in nude (approx $3)

  • this is supposed to be amazing for lining your water line, soft application and waterproof
  • I love lining my water line with white/nude but my current liner is rough and not waterproof

Wet 'n Wild Eyeshadow trios (approx $3)

(3 Pack) WET N WILD Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio - Silent Treatment ...

  • they are such a great deal and have some amazing colors
  • all of the reviews i have read say that the pigmentation and application is great

Milani Luminoso Baked Blush (approx $8)

(3 Pack) MILANI Baked Blush - Luminoso ...

  • I have heard so many rave reviews about this blush
  • It is supposed to be the perfect peachy flush

Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Blush Pearlescent Pink (approx $3)

(3 Pack) WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher - Pearlescent Pink ...

  • this is supposed to be the perfect peach color at a bit cheaper than the Milani blush

Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara (approx $8)

Full & Soft Thick & Healthy Washable Mascara M20536

  • according to reviews this will give natural looking volume and definition to lashes.
  • it is very highly rated on

Thanks so much for reading!!  Share any products you're dying to try in the comments below.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

D.I.Y. Banana and Egg Moisturizing Hair Treatment

I once said that I would never do a hair treatment with egg again.  I'm too grossed out by egg dripping down my face, neck, and back.  Eww!  But here I am in need of some deep conditioning for my hair and I am out of my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.  :(  
I am going to mix my treatment in this handy dandy gallon storage, bread bag.  Then the plan is to put my hair in it and put the top of the bag around my forehead, temples and back of my neck.  So that my hair will be in the bag with the treatment and I can squish it onto my hair and hopefully not have egg dripping on me.
Want to try it too?  You'll need:
  • a ripe banana  I recommend a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil instead, banana dandruff=not pretty :( 
  • an egg
  • a fork (to mash your banana or you could throw it in a food processor)
  • a bag (that won't leak)

So I did this and the banana made it impossible to get all rinsed out, even with combing through with a wide tooth comb and with shampooing really well.  So I do NOT recommend the banana part.  The bag was awesome though!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SPF: Sun Product Fabulousness

It has been such a busy week!  We went to the Zoo today and it was so stinkin' hot!

Which inspired me to write this post all about how to protect yourself from the sun and not feel like you have been baked.

  1. Stay hydrated!  
    1. Drink lots of water (or a preferred healthy-ish beverage)
    2. Eat lots of fruits and veggies (I ate a ton of fruit today and drank water, my hubby just drank water and he was way more worn out.  The water in the fruit really helps your body.)
  2. SPF for every part of your body!  My favorites are
    1. Up & Up spray on sunblock in the two pack from target  (it's a great deal and it sprays great and protects as well as any other product with the same SPF)
    2. Olay Complete Facial Moisturizer with SPF (I also love the equate version)
    3. Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner (this has UVA and UVB protection, it is not just for color treated hair and will protect natural hair too.  When I use this my scalp never burns.  Bonus!)
  3. Take care of yourself afterwards!
    1. Banana Boat After Sun Lotion is my favorite!  (it smells so good and it makes your skin feel so good after you've been out in the sun too long)
    2. Keep drinking lots of water and eating fruits/veggies
    3. Rest!

Thanks so much for reading!!  I promise I won't slack off again next week :)

Share any of your sun tips below in the comments :)

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