Monday, July 7, 2014

D.I.Y. Banana and Egg Moisturizing Hair Treatment

I once said that I would never do a hair treatment with egg again.  I'm too grossed out by egg dripping down my face, neck, and back.  Eww!  But here I am in need of some deep conditioning for my hair and I am out of my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.  :(  
I am going to mix my treatment in this handy dandy gallon storage, bread bag.  Then the plan is to put my hair in it and put the top of the bag around my forehead, temples and back of my neck.  So that my hair will be in the bag with the treatment and I can squish it onto my hair and hopefully not have egg dripping on me.
Want to try it too?  You'll need:
  • a ripe banana  I recommend a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil instead, banana dandruff=not pretty :( 
  • an egg
  • a fork (to mash your banana or you could throw it in a food processor)
  • a bag (that won't leak)

So I did this and the banana made it impossible to get all rinsed out, even with combing through with a wide tooth comb and with shampooing really well.  So I do NOT recommend the banana part.  The bag was awesome though!
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