Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Funnies!!

If you week has been anything like mine, you need a nice easy Friday to ease into the weekend.  So today's post is going to be a conglomeration of things I find amusing.  :)  Hopefully at least one thing in this post will tickle your funny bone.

Have you heard the new song "Fancy" on the radio?  These moms made a hilarious parody.  Some of my favorite lyrics are "I'm not fancy.  Kids've made it so."  "I'm in the carpool lane from Target to Costco."  "Don't say retarded, dumb, or I farted." and my favorite, "Trash the whole house.  Get milk drunk on your momma's boobs."  If you're a momma, you need to watch it.  :)

So true!
"Oh crap, was that today?" by Dan Regan via
What really happened to the dinosaurs.
I love that this shirt exists! If it is just photoshop, someone should make it for real.

Where can I uninstall my period?
Ha ha!
This is hilarious. Lance Armstrong PEDs (technically, I think he just blood doped, which isn't using drugs, but whatever. Still funny :-D)


help, I can't stop laughing

Ha!Oh. My. Word.

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