Monday, July 28, 2014

Primer review: Perfectly Posh Under Wonder

I may have finally found "the one!" A primer that actually feels good, helps my makeup look better and last longer.

I almost didn't want to try this because I have not had a good track record with primers, see that post here. I have tried high and low end and have been disappointed to various degrees.

I now sell for this company so I didn't even want to try their primer, because I had finally decided I must expect too much out of primers, and I didn't want to be in the awkward position of selling something that I hated. My friend kept raving about how amazing it was though, and she gave me a free sample.

I am ordering this stuff this week! I liked it that much. Even though it is not nearly as cheap as my e.l.f. Primer, it actually does what it is supposed to do!!

It is smooth and silky like other primers, but it doesn't get so silky (and dry) so fast that you can't spread it. It also has more of a tacky/not completely dry effect when you start to put your foundation on on top of it. It really makes the foundation look so much better. You can tell as you are applying and finishing your foundation application. Then it lasts all day!

Best uses: every time you wear makeup!, amazing for acne prone or dry/uneven skin.

What I love: see above ^ also it smells good, a little goes a long ways and it feels whippy and good.

What I am on the fence about: it has shimmer/light glitter in it. It doesn't show through makeup, but some people like to wear primers alone.

Overall: I highly recommend this product! At $24 it is more pricey than I usually like my products, but there are ways to get it for cheaper or free (it is a party company with generous hostess perks).

Also since I have splurged on 3 high end primers in the past, I can tell you it is much cheaper than they are and it works so much better!

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