Monday, June 23, 2014

There's a Dupe for that!

Remember those commercials for the iPhone?  The one that told you if you had an iPhone there was an app to do anything that you might ever need to do?  I bet you can hear it in your head right now..."There's an app for that."

Did you know that almost every high end makeup product has a similar, cheaper counterpart?  They call them dupes.  There are tons of them!  Go ahead, pick a high end product, and I bet, "there's a dupe for that!"

For example, the other day I saw some MAC swatches on a girl's blog.  The shade "amber lights" caught my attention.  It was gorgeous!  But it was also about $15 for one eye shadow.  Eek!  Well guess what auto populates in my Google search as I type in "MAC amber lights."   "MAC amber lights dupe."  

I can look through the swatches and find a product within my budget.  I can then read reviews on that product to confirm it's worth a try.  Then I can own a similar product for a fraction of the cost.  Yes!

From looking at the pictures..the closest (it's almost identical) shadow is from wet 'n wild.  It's in a trio called "I'm getting sunburned" and it's only $2.99.

Have fun dupe finding!  Do you know of any great dupes?  Share your finds in the comments below :)  Thanks so much for reading!!

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  1. Brands don't mean that much to me, I prefer something similar at a great price.
    That shadow is stunning! xx

    1. I'm the same way! Thanks so much for stopping by!