Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What to do with Dry Winter Skin

We all have this problem at some point during the winter.  Even if you are like me and have very oily skin, it can still get flaky and nasty as well as being oily.

Here's some changes I had to make this winter to try to get rid of those flakes.

1) Change to a less drying face wash.

I used to use this:

Avon Solutions Cleanse Complete Balance gel cleanser
It was great!  It worked well with acne and oiliness, but it also kept dry, flaky peeling away.  Unfortunately Avon stopped making it.

Then I started using this.  The Avon lady told me it was similar to the solutions cleanser.

Avon Anew Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser
It didn't work that well for me.  I felt like it didn't do much with my acne and dried out my skin.

Now I'm using this:

Clearasil Stayclear Oil-free Daily Face Wash
So far it has done so much better with my acne and with keeping my skin from drying out.

2)  Make sure your facial moisturizer is good enough.

I love this:

Olay Complete Combination/Oily facial moisturizer with UV protection

Currently I'm trying this:

L'oreal Paris Active Daily Moisture Day lotion with SPF 15
I like it a lot too, and it seems to be working swell.

3)  Be careful with powder.

I use this:

I made it with cornstarch and a bit of cinnamon for color.  (You can use a little bit of powder make up to get color, but I was out).  It works great, but if your skin has flakes or dryness, it will only make it worse.  Also make sure you apply it very sparingly in the winter.  I apply it after my foundation has dried and I make sure I tap as much excess off of the brush as I can before I put  it (very lightly) on my face.

4)  Use this D.I.Y. treatment

You can take plain yogurt and sugar, and you'll have a great treatment for your dry flaky face.

Just take a few spoonfuls of yogurt and a spoonful or two of sugar (don't mix the two until right before you use it, the sugar will dissolve).  Then towards the end of your shower mix them together and lightly massage in circles on your face.  The sugar helps to loosen dead skin cells and dry flakes and the yogurt also helps with skin cell turnover and moisturizes.

I almost forgot....

eyes lips face Studio Makeup Mist & Set
Sprays like this can also help restore moisture to your face :)  I bought this one a few months ago and I love it.  Only $3 from e.l.f.