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How to shop at Victoria's Secret

VS can be a very expensive store to shop at, but thay have some amazing things. Super comfy sweats, beautiful bras and panties, great beauty and fragrance items, gorgeous and practical workout gear, and the best swimwear.

The great thing about VS is how much you can save on their products. I have gotten so many great deals and many free items throughout the years. Yes, completely free :) The even greater thing is that you don't have to spend a ton to save a ton.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Semi-annual sale:

This is the best! It happens at the beginning of June and January each year. You can get bras for $15 each and bath and body products for $3.

Before the sale starts go in and get sized and try on their sample bras. They have plain bras in each model in the dressing room so you can figure out what you like. Then write this info down. They typically have little cards for this.

Go back during the first few days of the sale and find the bins with your size and find the models that you liked and get what you want.

They mark everything down more each day that the sale goes on, but they have a price adjustment policy. Look at your receipt to see how many days you have and how much longer the sale goes on. Come back within your price adjustment period close to the last day of the sale (make sure you go in before the sale ends). 

In the past I have done this and have been able to get what I want before everything is picked over. Then I came back and had the price adjusted to the lowest sale price ($14.99).

Look over the clearance clothes and body care too if you like that stuff. You'll love what they have and how cheap it is. I always stock up on lotions and body wash for me and to give as gifts.

2. Clearance:

I have a swimming suit that I love from VS that I got for a really good deal from their online clearance. I even had to exchange the bottom for another size, and I still would do it again in a heart beat. I also have two pairs of their PINK brand sweat pants that I got on clearance. One pair was $25 and one was $15. If you've ever looked at those pants you know that's a great deal. They typically cost around $50 each.

I don't usually find much on clearance in stores. So I shop clearance online. Shipping and handling does cut into your savings a bit, so you'll have to factor that in. Returns and exchanges for me have been painless and once you've paid shipping on the item you don't pay again for an exchange.

3. Coupons:

Being in VS's mailing system is a beautiful thing. When they send you coupons they are good coupons. So good that you don't even have to buy anything and get a free pair of panties.

They do this to get you back in the store to buy something, but you don't have to. I have used the coupons both with and without a purchase. Remember they sent you the promotion because you have spent money in their store and they want you to continue to be a customer. 

They also will send out a coupon for $10 off a bra. You will save more by shopping at the semi-annual sale, but if you can't wait until the next sale, at least make sure you use one of these coupons. 

I'm also including secret rewards in this category. When they do a secret rewards promotion they give you a card with each purchase that is worth at least $10. So when I bought my PINK pants I bought the first pair then the second and used the card and actually received another card that I used to buy the hair mousse they used in the fashion show last year. It was $14.50, I used my card and got it for $4.50.

Have fun shopping and saving!!

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