Hello there, I'm Jessica, thanks for stopping by :)

I am a mommy to a sweet baby girl and toddler boy, and wife to the most caring and patient man out there.  My hubby is a firefighter and I am a nurse turned stay-at-home/work-at-home-mom.  We love being outside, we love hiking, camping, and traveling.

I am not your typical beauty blogger.  Sometimes my mother and sister don't think I should even be allowed to dress myself (see picture below).  But I absolutely love beauty blogs, makeup, beauty products, saving money and sharing all of it.

See?  Just kidding, it's not usually that bad.  But really anything beauty wise I can do, you can do too.

I like to write about how to save money, great products, beauty and fashion trends and D.I.Y. beauty and hair treatments.  We all love being pampered and indulging in beautiful things, but who wants the stress of spending all of your money on these things?

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