Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Makeup Tutorial

    I'm trying my hand at video making again.  It was so much easier the first time!  I'm going to take the makeup kit from last week, and show you how to do my favorite summer makeup look.  It is super simple, looks very natural, but also adds some color and definition to show your natural beauty. 
   I did change out a few products.  My skin is extremely broken out right now, so I am using Revlon Colorstay foundation instead of my e.l.f. BB cream.  I swapped my NYC color mosaic blush out for my e.l.f. baked blush in rich rose.  I also am using my new CK one mascara that I got for my birthday and then adding just a bit of my define-a-lash to help curl my lashes.  The wand is amazing!

    So here it is!  How to get that summer glow with your makeup.  :)  No sunburn or tanning needed.

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