Monday, June 2, 2014

Cold Water Nail Polish Trick

Really? I'm going to have to try this!

I saw this on Pinterest and I was both skeptical and excited.  I love having my nails done, meaning I love how they look when they are neatly painted.  

I do not like painting them.  It is a pain and I struggle with not painting all over my cuticles and skin.  I also struggle with having enough time for them to dry before I have to use my hands and dent, scuff, or ruin the polish.

So here's my test of this "hack."

This is my right hand.  I took pictures of it, because it is always sloppier.  This is before soaking in cold water for three minutes.

This is post soaking.  The nail polish is completely dry!  I touched it, rubbed it, even scratched it and it didn't budge.  The polish on my skin also didn't budge even with rubbing and scratching. :(

Next I layered on my next shade.  I like to layer colors to get new shades.  Usually it works really well for me.  So I painted another layer (after drying all the water off of my hands and nails) and tried the water trick again.

This time I pulled my fingers out after three minutes and they obviously weren't dry, so I got colder water and tried again.  It still didn't work.  I had to go about my day at this point and this is what they looked like approximately 10 minutes later...super frustrating!

So this hack kind of works.  It does not get the polish off of your hands and did not work with my OPI polish.  It worked great with my e.l.f. polish though.  

I'll keep experimenting with it and let you guys know if I figure something else out.

Thanks so much for reading!!

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**Update the next time I tried this I couldn't get it to work with my e.l.f. polish on its own :(


  1. I have tried the ice water technique when I was in a hurry. It did dry them quickly but I don't think it got it off my skin either. Thanks for linking up to the Be.You. tiful link party. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hosting the link up!


  2. Thanks for trying out this hack, and thanks for linking up with us at the Be.You.Tiful Link Party! We hope to see you again!

    1. Yeah it's too bad it only half worked :(

      Thanks for stopping by!