Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Foundation Review: L'oreal true match Lumi

1 out of 5 stars

Best uses:  dry even skin with no blemishes or imperfections, dewy finish, minimal coverage

Why I took it back:

I purchased this with a coupon on sale and was so excited to try a new affordable foundation.  The name sounded good, it had nice packaging and a nice pump.  I never felt like it dried on my skin.  I would try to set it with powder but it felt like it was still sliding around.  

I always have blemishes and or dark spots from healing blemishes, and I will build another layer of foundation in these areas for more coverage.  This did not work with this foundation!  I fought with it for about a week.  The tipping point was when I went to the bathroom at work and saw my face in the mirror.  I was so embarrasssed!  The makeup had slid off of my blemishes and literally was in little "drifts" across my face.  It looked so bad!  I decided at this point that the trial period was over and that I could not ever wear it again.  I took it back to Rite aid and got a refund.

Other people have had similar experiences to mine, but a few have actually liked this foundation.  As I said under best uses, it may work out it you have no oil or shine to your skin and if your skin is flawless.  I still kind of doubt it would be good though :(

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