Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Eye-shadow Primer

Note: this is not my invention.  Credit goes to the amazing Cara at Maskcara.com  I wanted to share my experience with this D.I.Y.  Follow this link to get the recipe: http://www.maskcara.com/2012/06/22/diy-eyeshadow-primer/

I stumbled across a blog post this morning on how to make your own eye-shadow primer out of chapstick, corn starch and liquid foundation.  I ran out of primer a long time ago and haven't bought any because I can't find a cheap primer that works well.  I made it this morning and put it on before putting on my e.l.f. mineral eye-shadow.  After being in and out of the heat for hours it is still in place and hasn't creased!

I first started mixing it with a little butter-knife spreader thing from my kitchen, but then found that a clean finger worked much better because then you can mash the chapstick lumps into the formula.  The heat from your finger also melts the chapstick a bit and it just mixes much better.

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