Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Translucent Loose Powder

Note:  This is not my wonderful concoction.  Credit goes to Cara at Maskcara.com

I stumbled upon this DIY a while ago, but I was kind of skeptical and didn't try it until I ran out of my other powder.  I ordered e.l.f.'s HD powder to replace my oat powder that I had been using and so far I have not been impressed...any-who...I decided I needed to try something different in the meantime.

The recipe for this is pretty simple:

Recipe: http://www.maskcara.com/2012/06/22/diy-eyeshadow-primer/

The post I was going off of said that the foundation was for color and was optional.  I think it's pretty important.  I didn't have very much leftover powder foundation to add to mine and I wish I had more, because the finished product goes on a bit more white than I would like it.  It's still so much better than my e.l.f. HD powder though.

I just pulled the plastic vent/lid thing out of my old mineral powder and washed out (and dried) the container.  Then I took about a tablespoon of cornstarch and dumped it into the container along with my powder foundation remnants.  I then put the plastic vent back in and twisted the lid on and shook it like crazy :)  Unfortunately my cap had a little chip in it...I got little bits of cornstarch all over me and a little on my bathroom too.

I wish I wouldn't have put the plastic part back in until after I had shaken it.  I now have a ton of product on top of the vents and it's not going back in very well and is kinda hard to use.  So learn from my mistake and just screw the lid on, shake, and then put the plastic vent back in.

Here's a picture of the ingredients and of the finished product...I tried to take pictures of the finished look with DIY primer and powder used, but my light was funny and it didn't turn out.

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