Monday, December 8, 2014 You have to try this!!

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she had found a site where she had bought almost $100 worth of gently used namebrand clothing for less than $20 online.  They have designer purses, wallets, shoes, and clothing.  Guess what?!  

It is real and amazing and I just bought $380 worth of clothes for $3 and change!!

Wanna see what I got?

This silk blouse is from Banana Republic with an original price tag of $75.39.  I don't know how much I payed for it...If I divide $3.35 by 6 I get about 50 cents for each item.

This shirt is originally from Express with a price tag of $39.92, once again it set me back around 50 cents.

This sweater/shirt is from INC International Concepts originally sold for $65.45.

This vest is from Style&Co originally $37.40.

This grey sweater is Loft originally $53.90.

Last but not least, this Rugby by Ralph Lauren sweater is a $107.80 sweater originally.

Are you ready to do some amazing bargain shopping yourself now?  

Just let me tell you a few more things first and then I'll give you the link and instructions.  I had some trouble with my 50% off code, but I was able to call their customer service and they were very nice and fixed it for me.  I emailed first, but it took them a few hours and something that I really wanted was bought by someone else while I was waiting :(.  I will post a 15% off code below with the instructions, so if you have to go that route you can.

Okay, here is your link and instructions.  I would complete a step and then come back to this page, and read the next step and then complete it.

  1. Click on this link: sign up using your email address and create a password.  You will receive $10 credit.
  2. Use your android devices or apple devices to install your app
    1. Android device will give you 50% off your first purchase
    2. Apple devices will give you $10 credit up to 3 times ($30)
  3. Shop using categories or favorite brands.  (I did a combination of dream brands and searches for specific needed items to find my favorites. I would recommend filtering by size.)
  4. Checkout, your credits should already be there, if you have any trouble with your 50% off code you can call (888) 229 2883

There are also codes online for various discounts online.  Retail me not has quite a few including TRENDSETTER for 15% off.  If you watch your ads on Facebook, they will most likely show you a Twice ad for 50% (once you have been shopping Twice's site already) so before you purchase you should check for that.  I clicked on it and received a code for 25% off that I am going to save for my next purchase.

Twice is also doing a contest for up to $500 towards your wishlist.  So while you are shopping, make a killer wishlist and invite your friends to like it.  Every day the wishlist with the most likes will win their wishlist worth up to $500.

The link above is my referral link.  That is another amazing thing about Twice.  Once you have signed up and made your first purchase, you can refer others.  Every person who signs up and purchases using your link will get $10 off their order and you will get $10 off of yours too.

Happy Shopping!!

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