Tuesday, July 10, 2012

e.l.f. Free Shipping Haul

    I like to keep track of when e.l.f  is doing their different promotions and take advantage of the ones that save me the most.  Which is funny, because e.l.f. is so cheap in the first place, but I guess if you factor in shipping it does increase the price slightly.  Anyway, I put together an order the other day when I saw they had free shipping.  The order had to be $25 to qualify, so I picked just enough products to make it $26.

I ordered:

a dual pencil sharpener
two liquid lipsticks (brownie points and perfect pink)
clear lash & brow mascara
eyebrow treat & tame in dark
all over color stick in persimmon
HD powder in translucent
kabuki face brush
baked blush in rich rose
baked bronzer in St. Lucia

I ended up with almost everything I ordered and a cream eye shadow that I didn't.  I e-mailed them and they should be sending my missing baked blush and bronzer soon.  The customer service was great which was a plus after the skiwampus order missing two items and having an extra.  I have never had items missing from an order before and usually the extras were on the packing list as free samples or something.

I've tried everything that came and I am pretty satisfied with most of it.  I love the liquid lipsticks and the all over color stick.  I've used the color stick as blush and really liked it.  I don't apply the color stick directly to my face, but I run my finger over it until I get it warmed up and enough color on it and then I dot it along the apple of my cheek and angle up and out a bit from there.  I then blend it with a brush with a bit of powder blush on it (Maybelline FIT me! in light pink for now).

Brownie points is a great almost brownish lipstick/gloss.  Perfect Pink is like a pepto pink that doesn't show up as true on your lips as in the container, but I still like the look.  If you haven't tried e.l.f.'s liquid lipsticks, I really like them and would recommend them.  I think they're a great mix of color and gloss and they have a great texture and are slightly minty.

I am also happy with the clear lash and brow mascara.  I think it is very odd that the treat and tame came in the color it did.  I have very dark eyebrows, so I ordered the darkest shade and it is still a medium brown at best.  I have to be careful using it or else it looks weird.

I'm not really loving my kabuki brush.  It just feels very cheap (which it is) and isn't that big for a kabuki.  It might get a little more spread apart and loose as I use it, at least that's what I'm hoping.

I really am not loving the HD powder.  I got it in translucent, which is really white.  It goes on very white and needs a lot of blending and it still attaches to each little hair on your face.  It is supposed to give a soft focus effect that is photo friendly.  All I know is it is not in person friendly.  It also is not as fine as I feel it should be.  There are random grains in it that are pretty big.  Overall I think this is a pretty scary product and I'm not willing to go to the effort to very carefully apply it everyday.

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