Thursday, August 22, 2013

Works in Progress...Other fun stuff to look at :)

I have been keeping up with my resolution!  Some posts take more than half an hour though.  I have two great ones that I've been working on.  One is reviews on primers and one is a cheapskate basic makeup kit. They both are proving to be kinda time consuming, so in the's some amazing blogs that I love to check out and read occasionally.

First here's a fun fashion blog:  J's Everyday Fashion


She posts inspiration pictures and then photos of her own outfits.  She has some amazing tips for building your wardrobe so that you can make the most and the best outfits possible.  Link for that:
Link for her tips on how to look great on a budget:

Another amazing and bargain minded blog is Pretty Providence

There post on traveling in New York made me want to go there, which is saying something, because usually I want to spend my money on going to somewhere like Mexico or Hawaii

Here's that post:

That's all the goodness I can think of to share right now.  Enjoy!

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