Monday, August 19, 2013

Easy Everyday Anti-aging Ideas :)

I think most of us walk around everyday with a huge to-do list and guilt about things that we never have time for.

We have so many things looming over us constantly.  One of those things might be that you feel you aren't doing enough today to keep yourself looking good in the future.  If that's ever something weighing you down I've got some super easy fixes!  I love doing these things because they make me feel happy that I am preventing possible future problems.  (even if this isn't something looming over you, it can brighten your day to know you are doing something positive for your future self)

#1  Wear moisturizer with SPF everyday

This is super easy to do and prevents aging sun damage in the future and burns/dry skin today :)

I also love to use enough that I can apply it to my neck and to the backs of my hands too.  These areas are also very prone to sun damage and premature signs of aging and it takes maybe 2 extra seconds to cover them too.

#2  Wear sunglasses

I used to never wear sunglasses.  I finally bought myself a pair once but never wore them.  Last summer I was able to find a pair that I liked and I started wearing them whenever I drove and then whenever I was out in the sun.  Find a pair that flatters your face and that makes you feel amazing and then simply wear them :)  They'll protect your eyes from the sun and help prevent cataracts and other not so fun eye conditions.

I bought these last summer at TJMaxx for $10

And these this summer at TJMaxx for $10

#3  Stay hydrated

This one is in some ways simpler than the other two and yet also harder to do.  I would recommend getting a water bottle that you like and take it to work with you, to the gym, or just have it around the house.  If you really hate water then find another drink that works for you.  Also you can eat more fruits and veggies and up your fluid intake that way.

I love target's simply balanced essence water.  It doesn't have very much sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, it has stevia instead of other sweeteners and a relatively short ingredient list.  Oh yes, and it's not too spendy :)

Thanks for reading!!

Know of other simple fixes for a beautiful future?  Share below by commenting :)

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