Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Easy Day to Night Curls (Cheater Curls)

There is a super simple way to do your hair cute during the day and also curl your hair for a night out.  The best part is that it's super easy and only requires a pony tail band (or bobby pins if you prefer).

I brushed my hair out this morning and then parted it on the side.  I pulled all of it back at about the middle of my head and started twisting it until it started wrapping around itself.  I simply wrapped it around a few times to make the bun and then wrapped a pony tail band around it.

Tonight when I got home, I used the blow dryer to heat up the bun for a few minutes.  Then I took off the band and let my hair unravel and then used my fingers to separate the parts that were still all twisty.

I lightly sprayed it with Aussie Sprunch spray on each side and also flipped my head upside down and sprayed underneath, let it dry for a minute and then stood back up.  This gave me more volume.  Those who really like volume would probably also want to tease before the bun and maybe a little more while they were fixing the curls.

Here's a closer picture of the curls/waves:

The bun took me about two minutes to do and the curls took about five minutes to spray and fix.  Super low maintenance!

You can also totally do the bun the night before and have the waves in the morning :)

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