Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Zoo Trip and My Favorite Fall Sweater + Boots

Jackson loved "petting the lions."

I love how close you can get to the giraffes and see eye to eye with them in their new exhibit.

Jackson and Aunt Colleen in front of the African Savannah.

Jackson is pointing at the water while Natalie tries to show him the otter.

He did go meet the otter statue a minute later :)

He had so much fun on the different animal statues for photos.

We had so much fun at the zoo last week!!  Utah's Hogle Zoo is such an amazing zoo!  I love how almost all of the animal exhibits are as much like their natural habitat as possible.  We got to take Jackson this summer but it was kind of hot and I decided after this last trip that going in the spring or fall is definitely the way to go.  The weather was perfect!!

We went with my mom and sisters and we just wandered and had fun and ate lunch.  Jackson's favorite animal was the monkey which is funny since we only looked at a few of them and only for a minute :)

I wanted to talk about my outfit for just a second, just because it was so easy to throw together but was also so comfy and I felt like it looked pretty good too.

My favorite parts are my sweater and boots.  I got my sweater for less than $10 at Runway Fashion Exchange in Ogden and my boots at J.C. Penney on sale for $19.99 two years ago.  I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of both of them :)

Here's some similar sweaters that I found on Amazon that have the drapey effect and two of the three even have pockets like mine. :)

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This one is under $15 

This one is $14.99 and comes in the most gorgeous colors!!  Plus Prime Shipping!

This one is the thickest of the 3, it is beautiful!  It's $19.99 with Prime Shipping :)

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