Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Testing, testing 1 2 3: Mascara contact solution fix

So there have been a lot of pins on Pinterest about adding contact solution or saline eye drops to old mascara. This is supposed to fix the dry, clumpy, old mascara you already have so you don't have to buy a replacement as soon. Sounds great to me!

Here's my test of this mascara fix. I added about five drops of contact lens solution to my old mascara.

So far it's great! I will update this in about a week with whether it is still working.

If you want to test this out now...

Take your kinda clumpy old mascara and add four drops solution (contact lens or saline eye drops). Put your wand back in and twist tightly shut. Shake it up. Start untwisting your wand then twist back shut, do this a few times to continue mixing. Don't pump the wand in and out to mix. This introduces more air and dries mascara out.

**It's been a week now and my mascara is still working just fine.  It is starting to slowly thicken up again, but it is about perfect and not clumpy.  It was getting to the point that it was clumping and flaking before I "fixed" it and I haven't had any problems since :)

It works!

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