Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inspiration: Alternatives to "Kardashian" make up

I was exploring popular posts on Instagram today and came across a make up artist's page. He was very talented but all of his looks appeared to be basically the same. The models all had beautiful tan skin, dark hair, perfect smokey eyes, and skilled highlighting and contouring. I was scrolling through the beautiful pictures when I realized I was bored. I then realized that this "Kardashian" style make up has taken over Pinterest and YouTube and beauty blogs for the last few years.

These photos show the airbrushed skin, perfect bronzer, highlighting and contouring, nude lips, perfectly filled in thin brows, and perfect smoky eyes that I refer to as "Kardashian" style make up.

I'm sure if I'm getting bored of just one style of make up dominating social media, that others must be too. Here's a post to show there is other make up inspiration out there. It should be refreshing to see a bunch of different beautiful ideas.
I love how dewy her skin is, the freckles peeking through, the light berry lip light blush, natural eye makeup, very understated contouring and the luminance throughout.

I love the natural make up in this look, allowing the bold thick winged eye to be the center of attention.
I love the dewy, natural look of her skin, light eye makeup and natural pink lips.
I love how the blush is the center of this makeup look and how the lip and simple black eye makeup complement the peachy blush.
I love the matte finish and flawless skin paired with the bold eye look, light blush and highlighted lips. This look reminds me of Angelina Jolie.
I love the luminosity of the skin, the white liner on her waterline and the bold fuscia lips.
I love her bold, slightly messy brows, the natural eye makeup, light peachy blush, and the highlighting to the center of her face.
I love the highlighting, the light rosy blush, the copper under eye makeup and the glossy pink lip with more natural looking brows.
I love the freckles and the liner and mascara.

I love the highlighting, the light berry lip, contoured blush, and natural eye makeup.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all of these beautiful faces and feel inspired!  

(None of these pictures are mine and I am sharing them purely as inspiration, all images were on Pinterest and I have spent over an hour trying to track down original sources to credit.)

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