Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring 2014: Beauty and Style Trends

I'm so excited to share all of this goodness with you! This season has some pretty amazing and fresh trends that anyone can try. I think a lot of it is actually very simple and very flattering.


1. Red Orange Lips:


I know this color looks intimidating, but it is gorgeous and it can look great on everyone.  Here's another example.


This is more red, but still is red orange. This photo also shows trend number two.

2. Glowing skin from highlighter/illuminator

3. Natural Skin

How gorgeous is this! I love how with less coverage you focus on the skin more than the makeup. Also if you have freckles isn't it nice to let them show?

4. Very defined minimal eye makeup

See the pictures above and see how there definitely is liner and mascara, but it is not overstated or sloppy at all.

5. Metallic eye makeup

Pinterest, original unknown

6. Extended eye liner

Both winged and cat eye, eye liner (worn separately).

7. Neutral manicures

8. Messy hair


Messy braids,


messy half done hair,

(this picture also shows...

9. Hair accessories
(flowers, bling, clips, bandanas, headbands, etc.)


messy buns,

Pinterest, original unknown

messy ponys, and of course messy just plain down hair.

10. Big, bold, but natural looking brows


1. Floral pants


2. Loose flowy tops

3. Tops tucked in at least partially


4. Boyfriend jeans


5. High waist shorts


That's as much as I can think of for you right now :)  I'll try to do a post with how to do some of these easily and on a budget.

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