Monday, August 6, 2012

Favorite Products of July!

 My first favorite is the Alba Botanica Natural Hawaaian Facial Scrub with Pineapple Enzyme.  I love the texture of this.  It is very grainy and it gives you a good scrub without being too harsh.  It also smells great.  I have been using it on my face about twice a week and have started to gradually increase my use to every other day.  It is also great for bacne :)

I bought a mini of this BED HEAD TIGI Some Like it Hot from T.J. Maxx for $3.99 and I have loved it. It is the conditioner, but I have used it more as a leave in conditioner or heat protectant and it has worked swell.  It has helped keep my ends from getting too frizzy and has not weighed down my hair or made it greasy.  I've only tried applying it in wet hair.  Since it is actually a conditioner I wouldn't try it as a heat protectant in already dry hair.

This month I have not struggled with keeping my shiny skin matte.  Thanks to this homemade translucent powder made with corn starch.  I have worn this almost every day and it has been amazing!  My face is not shiny and has much more of a soft focus effect to it.
 The last few weeks at work I kept smelling hints of a very nice fresh smell and was wondering which coworker it was.  I was quite puzzled because I couldn't narrow it down, because I had smelled it all over the whole building with all different people.  I finally realized the smell was my own deodorant.

I love it when you realize the great smell you keep smelling is coming from a new product you are wearing!  This has been a good deodorant overall, but I love it because of the smell and how it stays with you.

This is Secret pH balanced shower fresh invisible solid.

I have decided that I really love the spray on sunscreen because it is so quick to apply and lets you get out and get to what you really want to be doing.  It is also very mess free (if you have a good sprayer) and gives a great even coat.  I bought some Target brand Up&Up with a coupon and actually liked how it sprayed even more than the Coppertone brand.  It gives a very nice even coat and is super easy to use.

My last but probably best favorite is genes Vitamin E Creme Swiss Collagen Complex.  This is super cheap and such an amazing moisturizer.  I buy it at Sam's Club and it lasts almost six months.  It is a super thick, moist creme.  It takes a bit of time to work into your skin or to absorb into the skin.  It is well worth the wait though.  It makes your skin super soft and moisturized and lasts all day.  I don't use it every day because it is so moisturizing.  I probably use it about every other day.
It has been great for adding back moisture after being out in the sun all day.  During winter and summer I can't imagine not having it for super dry skin.

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