Monday, August 6, 2012

Colored Eye Liner on Your Waterline


I saw a few photos the other day on Pinterest of eye make up with colored eye liner used on the water line.  There was an aqua one that especially popped!

I decided to try it myself today.  I used very neutral colors to do my eye shadow and then applied a bit of black liner to my lower eye just on the outer half.

I then used my Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush pencil eyeliner in Emerald City on my water line.

The Results:

I'm really struggling to take good pictures of eye make-up...this was my best image and it still leaves a lot to be desired.  You can barely see the color on the water line.

I really liked this look because it was playful, but not too over the top to wear on a daily basis.  It's a great summer eye trend!

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