Tuesday, August 14, 2012

11 Quick Beauty Tips and Tricks

1.  To get stick straight eye lashes to curl instead of sticking straight forward, use an eye lash curler and a blow dryer.  Yep that's right, a blow dryer.  Use the blow dryer on medium or high heat, and a low speed setting to warm up your eye lash curler, before you use it on your lashes make sure it's not too hot, by running your finger along the curved plate.  Use it to curl your eye lashes and then apply mascara.  Do this one eye at a time so that the lashes are still warm and curled while you apply the mascara.  The heat holds the curl.  Also if you use water-proof mascara it will last better and a mascara with a curved brush also helps.  Follow these steps and your stick straight lashes will stay curly all day.  Wahoo!

2.  If you want to have less coverage and wish you had a tinted moisturizer, just mix some of your liquid foundation with your moisturizer.  This works better with certain foundations and moisturizers.  It works great if you have a simple moisturizer (like Olay Complete Moisturizer) and a smooth liquid foundation.  I have been doing this for years and love it.  I actually rarely apply liquid foundation without first mixing lotion into it on my hand.

3.  If your armpits get irritated from wearing deodorant and shaving, apply a little bit of lotion to your armpits each time you get out of the shower and then after a bit put on deodorant.

4.  If you don't have any highlighter, you can use light eye shadow.  Use the lightest color in a compact or if you have mineral eye shadow your lightest color.  Make sure you blend it well and don't use too much and it works just fine.

5.  If your skin is getting a bit dry and flaky, get some plain yogurt and sugar.  While you are in the shower mix the sugar and the yogurt and lightly scrub your face with it, then rinse.  It moisturizes, gets rid of the flakes and nourishes your skin.  You only need a few spoonfuls of each and don't mix them before you get in the shower because the sugar will dissolve and it will not scrub.  Also, of course, make sure you are using a daily moisturizer.

6.  If you want your lips to pop, use just a bit of highlighter along the top of your cupid's bow.  I got this one from SELF Beauty Quick Tip's in my e-mail.  Here's what they said about it, "it gives an Angelina-like illusion."  After trying it I definitely have to agree.

7.  Tired of trying to keep finger nail or toe nail clippings from going all over the place?  Clip them outside.  If you trim sitting on the edge of your lawn you don't have to worry about clean up.

8.  Get a great pair of flats for summer.  On days that your toes really need to be touched up but you don't have the time, wear the flats in place of flip flops.  They cover your less than perfect toes and you still look great.

9.  Get a great eye look update, just by changing the color of your eye liner.  Dark Plum, or dark purple eye liner looks amazing on every eye color.  It is in many ways more subtle than black, but is very flattering.

10.  To add moisture to your lips, apply a thick coat of lip balm before you hop in the shower,  the humidity and heat will help the balm soak into your lips and moisturize them.  To finish, gently exfoliate the lip gloss and dead skin cells away with a damp wash cloth (SELF Beauty Quick Tip).

11.  To quickly add volume to your hair, simply part it differently than you usually do.  When you part your hair in the same place most of the time, it makes your hair lay much flatter.  When you change the part the hair is automatically fuller looking.
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