Friday, November 4, 2016

9 Tips to Banish Cake Face!

After a very rough month or so health wise and sleep wise, my face is in rough shape.  I did not wash and moisturize twice a day like I should have while I was sick and my skin shows it.  When your skin is dry, uneven, and full of dead skin layers, cake face is so hard to avoid!

Luckily I found a scrub and a face oil that really help! I can now actually salvage my poor skin and have my foundation apply smoothly without the dreaded cake face look.

Since I have been struggling with this and researching tips and tricks I thought I would make a post with all of the useful tips and tricks out there.  There are so many things you can do to help avoid cake face:

1. exfoliate (2-3 x's a week)
2. moisturize (2-3 x's a day)
3. add some oil to your foundation before applying (see demonstration here)
bonus tip: if you have dry skin or lots of texture to your skin avoid watery, or very thin liquid foundations. You can even put your skin type into Sephora's website and see recommendations for foundation based on your skin type)
4. apply foundation with a beauty blender or soft foundation brush
5. try to stipple (push foundation straight into your skin) instead of rubbing the foundation around your face
6. use downward strokes when applying foundation (peach fuzz generally grows downwards on your face and you want it to lay smooth and flat not stand it up)
7. make sure your foundation is completely dry before adding any finishing powder
8. press instead of rubbing powder in
9. use a glycerin, moisturizing setting spray

Thanks for reading!!  Sorry there are no pictures in this post, my camera lens is not able to pick up cakey vs. smooth makeup difference :(

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