Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shop Miss A!! A bargain hunter's dream?

What if there was a dollar store that had amazing makeup, jewelery, and accessories and you could shop for all of it from your couch?  What if they offered free shipping on orders over $30 and had good customer service too?
I found this amazing site called ShopMissA.com and I love it!!  I have placed 3 orders so far and I have been able to get a wide variety of their products and feel like I can tell you what to look for and give you tips on it all.
The biggest thing to watch out for is lead in their jewelry.  This is my only disappointment with this store.  I love the jewelry that I got from them, but several of the pieces had warning labels that stated "not intended for children," "for ages 14 and older," etc.  I believe one even had the "this product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause.." label.  Some of their jewelry items do say "lead free" on the website but not all do.  In the future I will only be ordering items that state "lead free" on the website.
My only other warning is that you need to check your package and everything in it thoroughly right when you get it.  If anything is broken or defective or you just want to return or exchange something, you only have 3 business days from when your package arrived to you.  I had 3 out of my 40 something items that were broken/defective in my first order and 1 in my second order and 3 in the third.
With the 1st order I contacted them about 2 weeks later and at first they just told me their policy and that I had missed their cutoff.  They did give me store credit when I complained that their cutoff date was not a normal amount of days for a return and that it was only listed on the site under the returns tab (which you wouldn't check until you were already trying to do a return and you might already be too late without even knowing it at that point). 
The only other con is that stuff sells out quickly.  They get some really amazing things for $1 but usually the best colors and options are sold out when I look at the site.  They have an email subscription that alerts you when they add inventory and I would highly recommend joining it if you love the site.
Thanks for reading!!  Have you ever tried this site?  Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!
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