Saturday, August 29, 2015

Review: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

4.5 out of 5 stars!

I love this foundation!!  I love that it is so cheap and works so well for me!

Pros:  Great coverage!  I apply this with my beauty blender and I can build coverage over blemishes and healing blemishes and it stays put.  Another pro is the fact that it does stay put.  This doesn't slide or wear off of my face.  I also love the finish.  It is a nice matte finish.

Cons:  Limited shade choice.  I wear the lightest shade and it is still definitely too dark for my skin.  I have to blend it carefully down half of my neck on each side to make it look natural.  Another con is that sometimes the matte finish is a little too dry or unnatural looking, so I use a setting/refreshing makeup spray on those days. (my favorite is on closeout, but I also like this one)

How I use it:  I dampen my beauty blender, put about a dime size amount of this foundation on the back of my hand and stipple it on with my beauty blender working from my chin up my face.  (don't rub the beauty blender from your chin up your face, just push in and release on each area) After I have finished with my forehead I add a bit to areas that might have some blemishes peeking through.  Then I take a little bit and go down my neck so that it blends.  Then I do blush, bronzer and sometimes highlighter and spray with some setting spray. :)

Best Use: Best for normal, combination and oily skin.  Everyday wear (work, errands, etc.), and even special occasions.  If I am just going to be hanging around the house all day and not seeing too many people I wouldn't wear this, I would instead do a BB cream or nothing :)

I have combination skin that is oily and doesn't work well with dewey foundations, but that also gets dried out by super matte long lasting foundations like Revlon Colorstay so I am so glad I found this foundation and that it works so well for me :)

Thanks for reading!

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