Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Finds!!

I have been finding some serious online deals lately!!  I had to share some of my favorites with you!  

Have you pinned that gorgeous coat on Pinterest?  I have totally had it on my clothing board for about 2 years now and I found it on Rosegal for $34.35 plus free shipping.  Holy cow!  I also found these gorgeous earrings on their site for $1.47.  How gorgeous are they!?  

The third find is from Ruby Wing nail polish.  Ruby Wing polishes change color in the sun.  They are all a demure shade indoors and then deepen into a more dramatic hue in the sun (example below).  These babies are gorgeous!  This mini set called "Cupcakes and Champagne" is only $12.95 for four scented, color changing polishes.

So I couldn't fit all of my favorites into one collage, so here are a few more amazing polishes and clothes.

These three are also from Rosegal.  The two sweaters are more practical for me, because their clothing is in Asian sizes and I am sure that the beautiful Maxi dress would not be long enough on me.  The chevron sweater is $8.48, the polka dot sweater is $8.03, the maxi dress is $16.17 and they all have free shipping!!

These babies are from Color Club, the older sister of Ruby Wing.  My favorite polishes from Color Club are their duochrome or holographic nail polishes.  They are so beautiful!  I have Port-Folio and I absolutely love it and get so many compliments on it.  It is super hard to capture its glory in photographs, but this lady did!  These three polishes are from their "halo hues" collection.  They are each $10, but they are buy one get one half off and I don't think a more gorgeous polish exists. Seriously.

Happy browsing and thanks for reading!  I hope you had an amazing week!

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