Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ulta Magalog Walk Through

This was not my planned post today, but then I checked the mail... The Ulta magalogs are not always this good.  This one has so much exciting stuff in it!  Both for beauty lovers and cheapskates.  For beauty loving cheapskates like myself, it is AMAZING!!

As soon as I get the Ulta magalog, I turn it over and look at the coupon on the back.  When I am planning on making a big purchase, I want to see a 20% off coupon.  When I just have a few things I want, I love to have a $3.50 off of $10 coupon.  

If you are going to spend right around $10 it is a 35% savings.  If you are going to spend more than $17 the 20% off coupon will benefit you more. 

Back to the magalog...I love the fall makeup colors and products.  Look at these gorgeous Butter London products!  I think they are way too expensive, but they are gorgeous.

The next thing that caught my cheapskate eye was this free pixel nail polish with any pixel purchase.  They look like cute fun products and they start at $2.49.  So you can pay $2.49 for a product and a nail polish.

Also on this page the Anatomicals products caught my eye.  I love the cute sayings and the simple but fun and bright design on the bottles.  The prices look amazing too! $7.99 to $9.99 and they are buy one get one half off.

On the opposite page there are these fun fairytale themed Ulta Smoothies.  "Clock struck midnight," "Fairest of them all," and "Once upon a time." Aren't they cute!? 

The next page has the Ulta brand cosmetics, which are fairly priced and right now if you buy $19.50 they will give you a blingy makeup bag with 14 freebies in it.  I don't think I will take advantage of this one because I don't want to spend the $20 and I really don't need that much makeup right now.  If you were needing a makeup restocking and like the Ulta brand, this is a great deal!

I always look for the page with the drugstore cosmetics.  Most of the time they are BOGO half off.  The prices are more expensive at Ulta, but if you use the BOGO half off, and an Ulta coupon, you can get the prices below what they would be at Walmart.

They have some deals going on in their professional hair care.  I think the best  one is the BOGO free on the Sexy Hair line.

Look for tips on hair care and beauty throughout the magalog.  There is some good stuff in there!  One of my favorite things about the ad is the perfume inserts.  I use them as bookmarks.  They smell great, work well as bookmarks, and they look cute.

My plans with this ad:

For my purchase a 20% off coupon would actually be slightly better.  Every once in a while I can find one in my email.

I want to read some reviews on the pixel products and check them out in store.  I really would like to get a product and get the nail polish, but I don't really need either item right now, so we shall see.

I have had my eye on the Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation.  It is very highly rated and recommended in the online beauty community.  It has primer, concealer and SPF built in.  It is $12.99 at Ulta.  So if you buy two with the BOGO half off and use the $3.50 off coupon, it will be $7.99 for each bottle.  Then I have a manufacturer's coupon for $3 off of two Cover Girl products.  So my cost for each would be $6.49.

This is how I am able to stick to a foundation budget of $8 every 3 months, or a yearly total of $24.  :)

Thanks so much for reading!!  I hope this post had some good information and ideas in it for you!

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