Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites: Princess Kate, Sunflowers and Christmas

About a month ago, I included a video from the Girls with Glasses on my Friday Favorites.  I think they may become a regular Friday Favorite!

Last week (I think) they posted some amazing photos on Insta of a girl made up and dressed up like Princess Kate.  Even if you are sick of everything about the royal family being all over the media, you have to admit that Kate is gorgeous.  She is so beautiful in an "I'm not trying, I'm just beautiful, and nice and proper." type of a way.  Anywho...I had to investigate further, of course.

The girl was one of the Girls with Glasses (Summer) sans glasses.  Here is the article where they show how to channel Kate's classic, put-together style.  Watch this awesome video to see how to get Kate's gorgeous makeup look and hair.

Onto my next favorite: Sunflowers!  I absolutely adore this flower.  I associate it with so many fun memories from this time of year.  I ran cross country during the summer and fall in high school.  We started practicing a lot and doing retreats and team building around the time when the sunflowers would bloom.  We picked them and put them in our hair while we were out stretching. 

Before my senior year of high school, at about this same time, was when I realized what an amazing guy Steve was.  I realized right then and there that if I married him I would be a lucky girl.  Talk about a crazy realization for a girl to have before her senior year?!

Three summers ago we got married (five years after that startling and amazing revelation) and sunflowers and roses were our flowers.  We had our reception in Steve's parents beautiful yard.  They planted (we helped a bit too) tons of sunflowers in shades from bright yellow to dark burgundy.  The next year when they came back they transplanted them to our yard and most of them actually survived.  We now have sunflowers come up each year from our wedding flowers.  :)

My last Friday Favorite is Christmas.  Christmas!?  I know this is way early, but seeing our new product line and seeing our products go on sale these past few weeks has made me want to start my Christmas list and Christmas shopping.  Last year I really got into the giving spirit too late.  :(  I want to be budget conscious, but I also want to really be able to give my friends and family some very nice stuff.

Also, how could I not think of Christmas when one of the new chunk bars (perfectly posh soap) is a sugar cookie, shea butter bar called, "Treat Yourself."  To me, that just screams Christmas :)

Thanks for reading my ramblings!  I hope that something made you crack a smile while reading.
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