Thursday, February 13, 2014

How I fixed my dry broken out skin: New skin care routine

I posted about my skin problems during pregnancy and how I was able to improve my skin then. My postpartum skin (and hair) has been a whole other beast. I have had dry skin again, but no amount of moisture, oil or exfoliation was fixing it. I also have had bad breakouts on my chin, above my lips, around my nose, and on my forehead. My strategy was to moisturize and my skin could even itself out and this would stop the breakouts. It worked for my pregnant skin. After about a month of my skin still being extremely dry and my acne getting worse, I decided to change my strategy. It worked!

I decided to treat my acne with a salicylic acne wash at night, follow that with grape seed oil as moisturizer, and use gentle soap and alternate between Jergen's gradual tanning face lotion and St. Ive's timeless moisturizer in the morning. 

It's been a week and a half and my dry flaky skin is no longer flaky and all of my acne is healing and I have no new zits forming. It's amazing! My skin has changed from a nightmare in less than two weeks.

I have no concealer, foumdation or powder on in this pic. Also I did not use a filter. I can't wait until my hyper pigmentation spots heal too!

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